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Jean Marie’s success is attributed to her extensive experience helping top Fortune 500 Corporations exceed expectations in finding and matching just the right inspirational speaker, focusing on the client to engage the audience.

01. Our Clients

It’s about people.   You are our priority.  We focus on your needs and wants; identifying and discussing details to form a collaboration and partnership.  Corporations, Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Corporations, Military, Media of all types, families and Individuals…each and every Client is important to us.  Success comes with gratitude when there is Customer Satisfaction

02. Our Speakers

It’s about people.  Our Speakers are bar none.  Their stories; life experiences; competencies (skills and knowledge); their empathy and passion set the stage for success.  Our platform expands across the board providing Webinars, Podcasts, Workshops, Virtual Training, Documentary Productions or Zoom Conference Meetings, while Social Distancing is being enforced. 

03. Our Global Mission

It’s about people.  Diversity, Social Issues and Challenges, focusing on resolution and making an impact.   Success comes when our Clients listen to our Speakers, hear their message and leave a different person.  Our ultimate goal:  making a difference by being the difference, because only then will you see the difference. 

It’s About People

Partnering with Global Business Leaders

A professional, a pearl of knowledge and experience of 20+ years, Jean Marie Russo shares her competencies: skills, knowledge and experience in the global corporate world, with an emphasis in the Pharmaceutical Arena, bringing experts in: Operations, Engineering, Technology, IT Security,Sales, Marketing, Business Insights, Diversity, Human Resources, Training and Development to the Corporate Meeting and Event Planning experience.
Jeannie works with Corporations, Trade Associations, Organizations and Event Promotion Companies Worldwide to inspire and empower audiences promoting and booking exclusively top tier talent.

Our Mission

We understand selecting and partnering with…
Speaking of Success, Inc. and Pearls of Wisdom, Inc. is a choice.

Changing lives by making a difference, by being the difference.

OUR SPEAKERS are the difference.

Our Global Services

It’s about people.

Our Clients and Guests are the heart of our business and mean the world to us!

Speaking, Educating, Workshops, Virtual Learning, Documentaries, Episodic Series, Team Building, Coaching, Podcasts, Ted Talks, Webinars…We collaborate, partner and focus on YOUR goals, YOUR needs, YOUR wants.

Our Vision

YOUR Goal is OUR Goal, achieving Success
PROFESSIONALLY and PERSONALLY, in Business and in Life.

Changing lives by making a difference, by being the difference.

We are the difference.

Our Speakers

A Team Of Professional Global Speakers

Jacob R. Miles III

Entrepreneur | Resiliency | Gaming






What We Do Best


Knowledge is gained as we navigate through life, through facts, information and skills through education and experience. Knowledge is power. Those with knowledge learn quicker. It is important because it makes us who we are. It affects each one of us, our behavior, our career, our personality, and our life. Knowledge is power.


Learning comes from the people in our lives, our parents, teachers, family, friends, and society teaching us lessons or life about life.  Knowledge is received through Coaching and significantly through Mentors.  Learning never stops…  It knows no age.  It is through actions which we observe.  Learning is about believing. Seeing or witnessing the actions of those with whom we meet, whether good or bad. When we do something, realize our actions and our words will be noted and will be copied. 



Education is a process. It is about giving guidance or instruction, a sharing of knowledge or skills. There are various ways to teach and learn. We are indeed seeing the creativeness during the isolation and quarantine with COVID-19. We are finding the necessity to take advantage of on-line training, webinars, YouTube Videos, Virtual Learning. Speakers sharing their competencies (skills, knowledge, and experience) through storytelling, are all incredible ways of teaching. The opportunity within multi-generational families is priceless. Learning from a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent or someone with a specific trade or skill or knowledge is sometimes more beneficial than reading from a book.   Yes, life experiences shared with another remains within us, thus making it priceless.


Wisdom comes with experience and living life.  Our Speakers share their wisdom through the stories and their life experiences. A pearl remains in an oyster and grows from a spec of sand, gaining luster only with time.  Wisdom is gained with time. It’s about insight; giving; gratitude.  Wisdom is gained through living… the Movie World emphases this point with Yoda or The Wizard of Oz…  Age and Life Experiences.  

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